Berit Shell Gold Necklace

Brand: parelparel
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ParelParel Berit Shell Gold Necklace

Description: 24k gold-plated (double plating) brass symbolic medallion, hand- made with lost wax casting method, with engraved PP initials at the back, on a 24k gold-plated silver chain.

Diameter: 47 cm

Length: 3 cm

Weight: 4,0 g

Country of origin: Poland

The inspiration for this medallion comes from the bronze sculpture by Salvador Dali, „Snail and the Angel”, dated back to 1975. Shells are associated with the feminine nature, they are the symbol of birth and fertility, their shape being a representation of the womb. Dali was captivated by the paradox of the softness of a creature versus the hardness of the shelter. Further symbolic associations of a shell include good fortune, resurrection and rebirth as well as an alluring idea of idle passing of time.


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