Horus Oye Gold Medallion

Brand: parelparel
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ParelParel Horus Oye Gold Medallion

Description: 24k gold-plated (double plating) brass symbolic medallion, hand- made with lost wax casting method, with engraved PP initials at the back

Diameter: 1,8 cm

Weight: 4,0 g

Country of origin: Poland

The symbolic meaning of an eye as a window of the soul or a mirror reflecting a person’s true nature is further represented in the Ancient Egyptians mythology as the Eye of Horus, a symbol of rebirth, protection and recovery.
In Christian iconography, the Eye of Providence or the all-seeing eye represents the deity watching over humanity and its omnipresent powers.

It is through the eyes that people find happiness around and within themselves, seeing it not as a gift from heavens but as an outcome of their personal queries and a reward for daring to live a full, conscious and fearless life.


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