Mujer Shell Medallion

Brand: parelparel
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ParelParel Mujer Shell Gold Medallion

Description: 24k gold-plated (double plating) brass symbolic medallion, hand- made with lost wax casting method, with engraved PP initials at the back.

Diameter: 1,8 cm

Weight: 1,9 g

Country of origin: Poland

The inspiration for this medallion comes from the sculpture called „Mujer desnuda subiendo la escalera” by Salvador Dali in 1970.
In this iconic surrealistic creation, emanating reflation and eroticism, a woman is climbing the spirals of a marine shell, a universal symbol of life and eternity.

The spiral formation inside the conch symbolizes infinity and a human journey of life, with the hard casing as a protective shell. The conch’s spiral form and its relation to water represent the beginning of existence.


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