About us

ParelParel is a brand offering unique handmade jewelry, inspired by art paintings and symbols.

Each of our designs is a proof of our dedication to creating artful and rare jewelry with subtle vintage vibe.

All our medallions, bracelets and earrings are handcrafted in Poland with the use of long-forgotten time-honored method of lost-wax casting, which makes it exceptional and timeless.

Every design combines the finest natural materials such as 24k gold plated, 925 silver, precious stones as well as some vintage elements of unique origin. 

Each piece of our jewelry is made with dedication and commitment to quality.

ParelParel creations are a combination of valuable natural high-quality materials with a unique and exquisite craftsmanship lying at the base of each collection.

The brand’s designs are created with intention to last for generations and to be worn regardless of passing trends and fashions, reflecting personal beliefs and attitudes of the wearer.


New collection of the Polish brand ParelParel, draws inspiration from the life and work of the abstract pioneer and one of the most accomplished women’s artists, Hilma af Klint.

Swedish artist was a painter, mystic, researcher of paranormal phenomena whose extraordinary works were kept secret by herself during her lifetime. 

She believed the world was not ready for her art.

She stipulated that her paintings should remain unseen for 20 years after her death and was first introduced to an international audience only after 40 years after her passing, in the 1984.

Her interest in abstraction and symbolism came from involvement in spiritism, very much in vogue at beginning of the twentieth century. 

Hilma af Klints work is not based on pure abstraction of color and shape, but on an attempt to depict invisible dimensions. 

The range of mystical pendants, earrings and bracelets made by hand using are a tribute paid to this extraordinary artist and her groundbreaking painting series.

This concept inspired the ParelParel brand designers to create a unique collection.


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